4 Reasons Why Switching From Printed Books To The Kindle Fire Or Other E-Reader Is Just Smart

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

With the advent of electronic devices such as Amazon.com's Kindle Fire, the Barnes & Noble Nook tablet, and Apple's popular iPad, book publishing has truly entered the digital age.
It is a huge understatement to say the digital publication of books has caused a revolutionary change in publishing not matched since the invention of the original Gutenberg printing press in 1440.
Of course, no one can argue the importance printed books have as being the main repository of human culture, history and knowledge. Books have been the favored means of reading the printed word for centuries, and that will not change for some time to come.
However, there are important benefits to making the switch from reading traditionally printed books to using electronic readers (e-readers):
  1. E-readers make traveling easier If you have ever had to select reading material for a long trip, you can appreciate how challenging it can be to pack and carry traditional books. A wonderful feature of e-readers is even the most basic device has enough internal storage to hold literally thousands of digital books. Furthermore, all of this is accomplished with a device comparable in weight to a single paperback!

  2. E-readers save valuable space As beautiful and impressive as book collections can be, they do tend to take up a lot of space. Also, physically moving large book collections can be quite the headache. On the other hand, digital books weigh literally nothing since they are computer files residing on your e-reader.

  3. Digital books are more secure Physical books are extremely vulnerable to damage from a variety of sources such as age, fire and water. While it can be argued e-readers are just as vulnerable, there is one important difference. In the event your device is lost, stolen, or damaged, its digital content can be easily replaced if a backup is available. For example, Amazon.com automatically provides free copies of all digital content purchased from its web site. So, if your kindle fire is stolen, lost, or damaged, secure copies of your purchased content remains in Amazon's cloud.

  4. E-readers have many useful features built-in These features are designed to make the reading experience more pleasurable and convenient. For example, the Amazon kindle fire includes a complete dictionary and thesaurus. You can also adjust font type and size to meet your preferences. Reading progress can be both automatically or manually bookmarked. Many digital publishers are beginning to include extras in digital editions of popular books. These extras are similar to special features found on dvds. Author interviews, Q & A sessions, and links to related online content are just a few examples.
Please keep in mind, traditional books aren't going to vanish overnight. Still, it is undeniable that e-readers have changed the publishing world forever. With many quality devices costing well below $100, now is a perfect time to experience the digital publishing revolution for yourself!


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