Book Four For Heavens' Sake - These Hard Truths Will More Or Less Knock You Down

Saturday, October 6, 2012
One of my favorite books ever, in any style or on any subject, was a book called Book Four. Now, this book was originally published as a class A.A.A. (The highest of its class in the classification system of a magickal order known as the A.A. which is the highest class of school. "The method of science, the aim of religion," their motto.) Which basically meant it was not available to the public. Only certain people of certain levels of enlightenment were given the graces of information in the book.
It was meant to serve as both a warning and a valid reason for keeping silent as part of the law and recommendations of the great Eliphas Levi, who reinstated the law of True Occult Wisdom as given From the Four words of the Sphynx: "To know, To Will, To Dare, and To Keep Silent." It does an excellent job of supporting that, but also does so much more.
It is about four of the most influential religious leaders throughout the history of the world. They all did very similar things as a means to achieve enlightenment. They all went away for a good amount of time, far from people and peoples thoughts. Only to return, after enlightenment, which came in the form of the Knowledge and Conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel. The halo, the crown of sainthood and of divinity, adeptus within, permission to do with those forces what you will, the goal of the great work.
Jesus, Allah, Buddha, And Mohammed
These four men all shared one major fate in common. It was this connection that make the book so relevant and so important.
After they have achieved enlightenment, all through the same process, they were all treated the exact same way by the very people that they loved. They all willed to share the enlightenment with their people in the lands which they called home. They were all brutally and savagely treated like criminals. These men were all great men and were all murdered for their beliefs.
To will something at this level is an unbreakable bond. So they took their wills to their graves at the hands of the people they loved and tried the most to help. In the end they all became gods to the people, forever martyrs.
Book Four is a book that was written for the express purpose of advancing from one grade of enlightenment to another. It was a test in the school of true wisdom. Mr. A.C. was charged with writing a report signifying his understanding of the laws and truths so far. This was his test in order to advance from one grade to the next.
By writing the book it was achieved but also another thing occurred that was not altogether expected. Those who had the power to pass him recognized the book for what it was and instituted its message for others to learn from. This book became a lesson and a guide for understanding the reasons behind keeping silent.
Thankfully enlightenment is a little safer these days but still shunned by the masses and their ideal itinerary. It is still highly recommended that you keep silent as mankind will always shun the truth and those who speak it. In truth, if the truth ever did become popular it would be made illegal as a means to profit from it.
The Book Four is a very small book that makes a very big point. Jesus, Allah, Buddha, And Mohammed, these four men all shared one major fate in common. They all intentionally made the same mistake. One they would undoubtedly make again. Making such an observation was by its very nature evidence of true intellect along with the necessary virtue of understanding which crowns wisdom and separates it form knowledge. Book Four was most definitely the work of a wise and understanding individual.


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