There Are Books For Every Occasion

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

"In today's hectic life, where does one find the time to read?" one might ask. Well, for a person who just loves to read, there's always time at bedtime, the early morning, while waiting at the bus stop, while standing in a queue to buy a rail ticket, or even in the bathroom.
Though television has a lot to offer it is not the answer to every query. Supposing you're facing a problem with your infant. There is the option of running to a doctor for the answer, but still better is to keep handy one of those books telling you all you need to know about infancy and your baby. Or, let us say you wish to begin teaching your child about the alphabet and animals. Get the child an alphabet book and you'll be surprised how often your child will open that book and repeat what you've taught him. Perhaps your child is a fan of motor cars and airplanes - the best buy would be a book showing pictures of these.
Books will give you all the information and know how about cooking meals that you savored at a restaurant till now. The market is full of recipe books covering a wide variety of tastes from all over the world.
When it comes to hairdos and colors or styles too, all you need to do is open a book on the subject. You do not have to spend hours at the parlor to make that final decision and likewise for fashions and styles.
There is no dearth of gifts too. On an occasion like a birthday, a wedding or an anniversary - there's just the book to choose for the special person. Many love reading novels and there's choice enough for every taste. You may wish to express something really sentimental from the depth of your heart to someone as dear as a lover, husband, father, daughter or mother. There are books in the market that will convey just the right sentiment.
If you like to travel, all you would want to know about places to visit and stay at are available in books. Yes, television does offer a lot on various subjects, except that it cannot be carried into bed, unlike a book that you can keep referring to.
Today, with people turning towards spirituality, there is so much that is there to read about on the masters and spiritualism.
Reading is a habit best inculcated at a tender age. Reading helps keep the mind actively engaged well into old age and goes on to create a thirst for more and more knowledge. "Books are one's best friend" has been so rightly said. They help overcome the lonely times.


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